This is a series of pieces I did in late 2003. These all started out as abstract renderings from Bryce. Various experimental remixing methods were applied using Fireworks and Photoshop.

organic synthetics thumbnail

Organic Synthetics

This background is inspired by a drum'n'bass mix by the same name, by DJ Tao. This is a manipulation of some of the shapes that are in the liquid jungle wallpaper, rearranged and retextured. Compositioning done in FireworksMX.

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quartz thumbnail


Really simple Bryce primitives. Lots of experimentation in Photoshop, layer fx and color adjusting to get this one.

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liquid jungle thumbnail

Liquid Jungle

This is the first background I produced and is still one of my favorites. Hardly any changes on the render, just a bit of colorshift and levels adjustment.

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