Plone Development Services

What I do

I provide environmental communities and socially responsible businesses with web-based tools to help them collaborate, build communities, and share information.

Process is crucial

When we work together, you can expect a pleasant and productive experience. I'm passionate about process, productivity, and communication. I'm a trusted adviser and guide who draws upon a wealth of knowledge and experience to help my clients chart a successful course through the challenging terrain of the web.

There are no 'details'

The details make or break the project. My understanding of information design, usability, performance, and security ensure that all aspects of a project entrusted to me are handled with impeccable craftsmanship and care.

Tools of Choice

Open Source Software

For delivering web applications, I utilize the Zope application server, and the Plone Content Management System. Apache runs in front for caching, URL handling, and SSL. I use Python for logic and functionality, and often Archetypes for custom content-types.

For data management, I'm proficient in MySQL and PostgreSQL, though these days I'm mostly working with the ZODB.

On the design side I use TAL and ME/TAL to dynamically generate XHTML pages, visual presentation is handled with CSS while Javascript (ECMA), KSS, and jQuery provide dynamic AJAX functionality.

Operating Systems and Hardware

For my laptops and workstations I prefer I macs running OS X. Our production servers run FreeBSD and Debian Linux on Sun and AMD hardware.