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Plone Developer David Siedband at 2007 Snow Sprint in Austria

A web application developer with more than 12 years of new media experience. Along the way, I've learned a lot about the productivity, process, advising, and communication. I'm comfortable with everything from code to cameras, paint to pixels. I'm thankful for the creative and inspiring people that I've been able to work.

Gratitude and respect to my people who have been down from day one. You truly have made my journey exciting and meaningful.

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FreeFly Videos

When I first started OceanicSky.com, I was working in the skydiving industry, part of the first wave of people exploring and expanding the FreeFly discipline. Originally, this site was an archive of information I put online to help people learn FreeFly techniques and make safe decisions in selecting and using their skydiving gear. In the seven years since then, my professional activities have become more terrestrial yet just as exciting. I keep this archive of videos as a reminder of how it all began.

freefly Bodhi's Footage
[ 18.3 Meg ]

JP's Footage
[ 15.8 Meg ]

Jump with Ron
[ 12.1 Meg ]

Backfilp Transition
[ 3.4 Meg ]