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Bay Nature Magazine

Bay Nature Magazine

Bay Nature is "An Exploration of Nature in the SF Bay Area". They've been one of my favorite magazines since they launched in 2001, and I connected with them to build a web version of their publication. I developed a custom (Plone-powered) content-management system and integrated several 3rd party apps and services including OpenAds, the Pleiades Geocoding engine, a robust Varnish-based caching system, and a bespoke mapping application. I'm really pleased with the final product and look forward to visiting this site to find new places to explore and continue learning about the natural world around me.

Nature and More

Nature and More Foundation is the industry group for organic agriculture in the European Union. The came to us seeking a better way to connect consumers to growers. The application we developed with them provides a rich-media platform for organic growers to tell their stories. The site features an advanced multi-lingual content management engine. Embedded videos help bring the grower stories to life.

International Society of Psychoneuroendocrinology

In this project with the Stanford Medical School, we're provided both a public web presence for the organization and also a secure intranet. The CMS manages the membership database, proposals and award nomination and voting processes. We also have a conference registration system for their annual conference.

Bay Area Integrated Regional Water Management Plan

The Bay Area Integrated Regional Management Plan is a nine-county effort to coordinate and improve water supply reliability, protect water quality, manage flood protection, maintain public health standards, protect habitat and watershed resources, and enhance the overall health of the bay. We've developed this portal as a digital library and collaboration space for the IRWMP organization. The site catalogs more than 200 project listings and provides a secure intranet workspace for each. These tools were so effecitve that the IRWMP decided to provide secure workspaces to the Bay Area Clean Water Agencies project. We've also built a custom tool for generating e-mail updates of new site content. The open source software developed in this project is now being reused be several other IRWMP collaboratives in California.

Great Communities Transit Collaborative

The Great Communities Collaborative brings together residents and local organizations to participate in community planning processes across the San Francisco Bay Area. Our goal is to create a region of vibrant neighborhoods with affordable housing, shops, jobs, and services within convenient walking distance near transit. This site serves as a secure collaboration space as well as public web presence for the group. The project team uses this site to securely share documents and produce monthly reports. Content from the site is exported into a Word-importable format for producing monthly reports. The site features an interactive OpenLayers-based mapping tool for exploring current and proposed transit stations in the SF Bay Area.

Contra Costa Watershed Forum

The Forum is an open committee of some fifty organizations, including state and local agencies, local non-profit environmental and education organizations, community volunteer groups, and private citizens. This site provides CCWF with both a public-facing web presence as well as secure intranet workspaces for their various committees. The group uses this site to organize and promote their many activities in the watershed including volunteer creek monitoring, annual creek cleanup day. The site also features spaces for job announcements and a group calendaring solution.

watershed portal

Sacramento River Watershed Portal

The organizations working to understand, protect, and restore the Sacramento River needed a better way to collaborate and share information. Working with the Nature Conservancy we created an open source environmental library/portal web application under the GPL, implemented in 2001(!) in Zope and MySQL. This project brought about a new model for sharing environmental information in a sustainable way.

Invasive Weed Mapping Tool

An interactive mapping tool for mapping invasive weeds in the Lower Putah Creek Watershed. This tool was built in 2005, shortly after the release of the GoogleMaps API.

California Water Policy Conference

Every year, this conference brings a diverse group of people together representing all facets of water policy in CA. This site provides a means to manage the conference agenda and workshop descriptions, a live registration tool, and a secure intranet for distributing materials to the conference team and attendees.


"Providing Content and Community to Nanoscience researchers" We work with scientific publishers Taylor & Francis Group to create this portal. Here we're really advancing how scientific use the web to collaborate and network.

Cosumnes, American, Bear, and Yuba Rivers — Intergated Regional Water Management Plan (IRWMP)

An IRWMP is a comprehensive planning document prepared on a region-wide scale that identifies priority water resources projects and programs with multiple benefits. This site was built to support the CABY group through the information-intensive process of developing their IRWMP.

Pollinator Conservation Digital Library

The Pollinator Conservation Digital Library is a knowledge base and online community for pollinator researchers. Through this interactive site you can browse and search databases of resources and projects, find other people and organizations, as well as find news and events about pollinator related topics. [in progress]

Sacramento Valley Environmental Water Caucus (SVEWC)

In 2003, a group of environmental planners from over 20 different organizations convened in a groundbreaking session to protect and restore the Sacrament River. We built a collaboration space for this environmental working group with outreach tools for the organizers, as well as document sharing space for the materials created and used by the group.

wind harvest

Wind Harvest

We've provided Wind Harvest with a comprehensive set of design solutions, including website, trade-show booth displays, brochures and other print collateral. In addition to Wind Harvest's public site, we've also built a secure investor extranet for distributing financial information and a technical extranet for storing CAD engineering resources.

far western

Far Western

This anthropological research firm wanted to modernize their website and make it easier for their staff to post materials and make changes. We used Plone to deliver a flexible, cost-effective solution. FW staff across 3 project offices use this intranet site to securely collborate and share documents with their clients.

american river watershed library

American River Watershed Portal

A watershed web library for the American River. This site provides and online library inlcluding database of documents, projects, people, organizations news items, and events on the American River.

Delta of Venus

Organic cafe, community space. Delta of Venus is the center of the indepent music scene in Davis, California. Plone-powered tools support calendaring and content management. At some point, we may package this code up as a product for music venues.

wolf and associates

Wolf and Associates

An environmental consulting firm that I worked at from 2001-2008, serving as managing partner from 2005-2008. The site provided a secure intranet for sharing project documents with our clients. It also provided a publishing platform for us to promte our company and share creative-commons license documents.