David Siedband — Plone Developer

Welcome to Oceanic Sky

David Siedband in Amsterdam

Oceanic Sky is the online portfolio of David Siedband. I have a lifelong interest in communication and technology, and the connection between them. I am primarily interested in technology as a catalyst for change. My body of work centers around bringing open source tools into the service of environmental and scientific organizations. The common themes that unite my work are building community and supporting online collaboration.

Since 2004 I have been a contributor to the Plone Content Management System and an active member of the Plone open source community. These days, the majority of my work centers around developing and supporting bespoke applications developed on Plone.

Announcing Zentraal, Inc. — June 2008

I am pleased to announce the launch of our new company: Zentraal, a privately held California C-Corporation. The idea behind Zentraal is very simple. We believe that organizations working for the public good should have the best technology tools and support available. We believe in much more than just *using* open source software. We believe that our active participation in the open source community is both an asset to our clients and the best way to ensure the continuing vitality of the open source movement. We have a talented network of specialists including developers, designers, systems administrators, and content managers. We can build project teams to suit your needs or integrate with your existing team. It has been an honor to share with you all the journey which has brought us to this day. We look forward to the challenges ahead.

>>This site is no longer actively maintained.

It remains online as an artifact of a special time in my life. A reminder of the beauty found in beginning a great journey. It is said the best time to plant a tree is many years ago. The second best time is today.

If you're interested to follow my more current activities, you can check the links below.

Recommendations for Plone compatible design deliverables

When creating visual designs for Plone, your design will almost always co-exist with Plone's native editing UI. This UI provides elements such as the content tabs, action menus, folder views, visual editor and more. Rarely do projects seek to re-implement these very solid UI components as they are non-trivial to re-design and part of what makes Plone great. Because of this, it is important to consider how your styles can peacefully coexist with Plone's native markup and CSS for these sections. This document offers a few simple guidelines for producing Plone-integration-friendly visual designs.

Plone Science Sprint

On February 2-5, 2008, I organized programming sprint in Davis, California to make Plone an even better tool for scientific collaboration. We primarily worked on bibliography and ontology tools. You can read the report on plone.org.


EnviroBaseTypes is a toolkit for building environmental databases in Plone. It provides core content-types for environmental portals, such as Project, Person, Resource, Organization, Event, News Item, and Species. These content types are intended to be customized into more specific content types such as PollinatorResource, EducationOrganization, etc.